Delirium Complete bike ~ Dawn Patrol (X1) build kit

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Knolly believes that a great bike purchasing experience involves an IBD (Independent Bike Dealer) so we are dedicated to helping Knolly riders get the frame they want through an authorized Knolly Dealer or, in areas that do not have a Knolly dealer, the professional retailer of your choice. We do this because it means you can get the Knolly you desire as well as the support of your local shop.

So our online store is a little different than other companies in that we want to hear from you before we ship the bike out. If there is a Knolly dealer in your hood - awesome lets get your new bike shipped to them. If there is no Knolly dealer in your area you can tell us who your favorite shop is and we will reach out to them to arrange the delivery to their store. 

If this sounds like a win win (because it is) continue with the sale process and when you fill out the Shipping Address information enter your local store and we will do the rest.

Please note: Shock choices are in the pull down menu and will affect price.

Image does not accurately portray the build kit. 

Our bikes require a complete build be done by a professional bike shop - the fee for this service will be determined by each shop.